Tombstone Silver

OK Corral

The OK Corral was the site of the most famous gunfight in the old west so it's not surprising that there are intersting hauntings inside.

Orbs in front of the OK Corral

This article concerns the paranormal activity at the OK Corral. Guests interested in the history of this location can find thousands of written pages and should consult those resources. The image on the right was taken on Allen Street in front of the OK Corral and shows a large number of orbs.

Tombstone is home to a number of "Residual Hauntings" which are ghosts that seem to come back and do the same thing over and over again, like a film replaying the same loop. One of those hauntings takes place several times a year early in the morning inside the OK Corral. One day, the owner of the OK Corral reported that as he was preparing for the business day, he glanced into the corral and saw an actor dressed like an 1880s rancher who should have not been inside the locked corral. The owner immediately went outside to confront this man, but when he got there the rancher had vanished. Over the next few years the owner saw the rancher from time to time. He watched and noticed that the rancher always did the same thing, he would take a few steps and then turn to his right and make an odd motion with his hands at just about head level, then he would turn and take two or three more steps and repeat those hand gestures -- this was repeated several times. One day it finally came to the owner what the old rancher was doing: He was taking care of horses in the corral. He would stop in front of a stall, turn and face a horse, cup some sort of feed to the horse's mouth with one hand and pet the horse's head with the other. Of course, there haven't been any horses at the OK Corral in many decades, but the old rancher doesn't seem to notice, or mind.

Occasionally guests who spend the night in town and walk past the OK Corral report hearing horses inside even though none are there. Finally, along the wall at the back of the OK Corral there is a marker where the gunfight actually took place. Guests sometimes report an overwhelming sense of depression, "bad air" some call it, at that location.


This site is located at 326 E Allen Street. The Tombstone After Dark Ghost Tour does not pass the site so I do not share stories about the paranormal activity here. The Goodenough Historic Trolley Tour passes this site where I share a bit of its history and invite my guests to return and explore the site later.