Tombstone Silver

Mines Near Tombstone

This post describes the more important of the mines in and around Tombstone.


Despite the Hollywood depictions of gambling and gun-slinging, Tombstone was a mining town. Another post on this site describes the Tombstone Mining District, an area of about 40 square miles with Tombstone near the north-west corner. The district had more than 100 active mines, but the most productive ones were in or near Tombstone. The Epitaph reported some interesting numbers, "…mining bullion from November 1, 1881, to January 1882 also indicated Tombstone had done well. The output for the Toughnut group, which consisted of the Contention or Western, Grand Central, Head Center, Vizina, Ingersoll, Sunset, and several other underdeveloped mines, was $6,488,361." At that time, the Grand Central employed 90 men, the Contention 102, Tombstone Mine 200, and the Vizina 50. The number of men employed at the principal mines throughout the Tombstone area totaled 637, and that did not include approximately one hundred more who did contract and assessment work on their own.

Mines Near Tombstone

The map above locates mines and claims that were in or near Tombstone, many which can be seen during our daytime historical trolley tour. The yellow lines indicate the sides of the various mine claims. Mine shafts are marked with an "X" and three air vents are marked with a yellow dot.