Tombstone Silver

Dark Phenomena

Some paranormal phenomena in Tombstone is light-colored and other is dark-colored. Why?

Guests in Tombstone seem to find both dark phenomena, like shadow men and dark plasmas, and light phenomena, like orbs and vortexes. It is reasonable to wonder about the difference between these two types of paranormal activity. Frankly, I do not know for sure, but I suspect that the difference concerns the flow of energy around a specific appearance. It would seem reasonable to assume that dark phenomena are rapidly absorbing energy from the environment while light phenomena emit energy. Extending this concept just a bit would lead me to believe that some spirits, especially those in Boothill, where dark phenomena are more common than other locations, are absorbing energy while those elsewhere are emitting energy. But, again, why? Maybe since Boothill Graveyard is the final location for human remains, the spirits attached to those remains absorb all available energy as they attempt to move on to the next phase of their existence. While spirits elsewhere may be comfortable with their existence, so they shed excess energy in the form of light. If that is true, then the spirits at Boothill Graveyard would tend to be more restless and anxious than the spirits elsewhere. That could account for the elevated activity level recorded there. One of the guests on my tour once suggested just the opposite. Perhaps Boothill has very little available energy for ghosts to use. Hence, they absorb all the energy (leaving a dark appearance). Other locations may have excess energy available, so those ghosts can afford to shed energy relatively freely. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere between these two explanations, but there does seem to be a difference in the paranormal activity at Boothill compared to other Tombstone locations.


This site is located at 408 AZ 80, just at the edge of town. The Tombstone After Dark Ghost Tour passes the site and I tell some stories about the paranormal activity here. The Goodenough Historic Trolley Tour also passes this site where I share a bit of its history and invite my guests to return and explore the site later.