Tombstone Silver

Mountains North of Tombstone

There are many mountain ranges visible from the Schieffelin Monument north of Tombstone.


Guests often ask about the mountains they can see when from the Schieffelin Monument overlook near the city cemetery. The following map shows all of the visible mountain ranges and an approximate distance to each.

Map of the railroad route in Tombstone


West: The Huachuca Mountains, about 20 miles. This is where Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca are located.

Huachuca Mountains

Northwest: The Whetstone Mountains, about 25 miles. Kartchner Caverns State Park and Benson are at the right end of this range.

Whetstone Mountains

Northwest: The Rincon Mountains, about 40 miles. Tucson is on the other side of this range.

Rincon Mountains

North: The Galiuro Mountains, about 60 miles. This barely visible range rises over 7000 feet and is a popular hiking area.

Galiuro Mountains

North: The Little Dragoon Mountains, about 30 miles. This range is just north of I-10 near Texas Canyon.

Little Dragoon Mountains

East: The Dragoon Mountains, about 15 miles. This is the beautiful rugged mountains clearly visible from all over Tombstone.

Dragoon Mountains


The following map shows the "new" part of the Tombstone City Cemetery at the north end of Allen Street (the tree-lined loop below Allen Street). The Schieffelin Monument overlook, where the photos on this page were taken, is the small gravel turnout just west of Lonely Lane.