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Have I Seen A Ghost?

I'm often asked if I have seen a ghost and here is my answer...

A spooky photo of me!

It's natural for guests to wonder about my authenticity on the Ghost Tour -- if I have had any paranormal experiences. The fact is that I've had paranormal experiences since childhood but I learned long ago to simply accept these experiences as part of my life and not think that it was anything unusual. In fact, I used to think that everyone had the same types of experiences I had and that it was just normal to sense ghosts.

As a young man living in rural Missouri, I found it relaxing to take long walks through the woods late at night. There were a number of dirt roads and paths criss-crossing the woods around my home and nearly every weekend I would take a hike at about midnight down one of those roads. It was oddly comforting to me to be in the middle of the woods with the trees whispering in the breeze and the occasional owl hooting somewhere in the distance. From time to time, I would walk into a cold spot along the trail and I somehow knew that there was something happening there. I didn't know much about ghosts at that age so I just called those spots "haints" from the stories I had heard the old-timers tell. Today I'm much smarter about ghosts and realize that I was in the middle of one or more orbs that were taking my body heat as a form of energy so a ghost could later materialize at that spot.

For my tours today, I always carry two selenite crystals, a small one on a necklace and a larger bar in a leather bag. Selenite, sometimes called the "moon stone" due to its pale appearance, is said to help a person better understand subconscious impressions, and that seems to be the realm of ghosts. Often on my tour I get that same chilly feeling that I had on those late night hikes from long ago so I know that there is a spirit in the area. On especially lucky nights I also catch the fleeting glimpse of a shadow or other shape out of the corner of my eye, though I tend to focus my attention more on my guests in the trolley rather than what is going on outside. Of course, I also have the second-hand experiences of the stories and photos that my guests share with me after the tour.

So, yes, I've had paranormal experiences and believe that I have experienced several ghosts over my lifetime.