Tombstone Silver

Haunted Mines

The mines around Tombstone are known haunted locations. Here are just a few of the incidents concerning the mines.


Orbs in the Goodenough Mine

There were more than 100 silver mines in the Tombstone District, but none are still in production today, though the Goodenough Mine is open for tours. There are numerous stories about paranormal activity that have been shared by both tourists and guides from the Goodenough, Toughnut, and Girard Mines. This article posts only a few of those stories.

The photograph on the right was taken in the Goodenough Mine. It shows several orbs in one of the drifts that is part of the regular mine tour.

Paranormal Activity

Other than orbs, which are commonly photographed throughout the mines, one of the most common paranormal experiences in the mines involves touch. Many guests report feeling something like a spider's web raking across their face, arms, or legs while they are walking through the mine. While a few spiders live in the mine (though I cannot imagine what they eat), none of the guides have ever found a strand of web built across one of the drifts we use. Moreover, we lead tours through the mine several times daily so there would be little opportunity for a spider to build a web that our guests would then feel.

One other report the guides receive from guests on occasion is that of two old miners working down in the drift near the hydrothermal vent. According to our guests, one miner is kneeling and hammering a drill into the face of the mine while the other stands in the background and observes. The driller is wearing a blue scarf around his neck that is held closed with a silver ring and also a leather vest that has some blood around a cut. These miners are not seen often, but we have had similar reports from several guests over the course of many years. We are not sure who these miners are, but the stories are so consistent we tend to think that they worked in the mine at some time.

Not surprisingly, most of the tales of paranormal activity come from the Goodenough Mine since we lead regular daily tours through that mine. However, we do have at least one report of a paranormal touch in the Toughnut Mine from someone who was on a tour there. We suspect, though, that paranormal activity is common in all of the mines and would be reported if there were regular tours there.