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Original City Hall

The original City Hall housed our city government for more than a century and is still home to the city Marshal’s Office.

Original City Hall
Tombstone’s Original City Hall

This was the City Hall building from 1882, at the very beginnings of Tombstone. For a period, this building also housed Tombstone’s Rescue Hose Company #2, part of our fire department, and the large garage-type entrance and fire alarm bell on the top are still prominent. Unfortunately, it was closed in about 2007 due to the damage caused by a swarm of bees that had built a hive in the wall. The interior was restored, and the city Marshal’s office is now located in the old city hall building.

This building is said to be haunted. A research group from the University of New Mexico came to Tombstone before the building was closed and they got permission to stay in the building overnight. They had various recorders and meters running as they went down the stairs into the basement. One of them noticed that the readings on some of their machines were higher than they had ever seen before (“pegged out,” he said) and it was becoming difficult to breathe. They only stayed in the basement a few minutes and then called off their investigation and left. While they were in Tombstone they stopped at several other sites, but never attempted to return to the City Hall.

The original City Hall is located at 306 E Fremont St, Highway 80. The Goodenough Trolley Tour passes the original city hall building and I tell about its history as we travel down Freemont Street. The Tombstone After Dark Tour does not pass this location but I included it on this site because of the frequent reports of paranormal activity there.

By George

I was born and raised in Missouri and have been an elementary school teacher, an EMT, an electronics technician, and a dean at a community college. I retired in July 2019, so I now have time to follow my dream and lead tours in Tombstone, Arizona. I work at the Goodenough Silver Mine and lead tours down into the mine, trolley tours around Tombstone, and ghost tours every weekend.

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