Welcome to my Tombstone blog!

I work at the Goodenough Mine in Tombstone, Arizona and this blog provides additional information for the guests who take one of my three tours.

  • Goodenough Mine Tour. This tour goes 110 feet deep into a real 1881 silver mine. Along the way, I tell about silver mining in Tombstone and demonstrate the techniques they used. The mine is still full of different metals and minerals, including silver, and my guests get to see and hold silver ore.
  • Goodenough Trolley Tour. I drive the Goodenough Mine trolley more than six miles around Tombstone and show my guests various interesting sites, like the mine locations, mountain ranges, the first churches, and the two cemeteries. This is an informative tour designed to give folks a good “lay of the land” for their day in Tombstone.
  • Tombstone After Dark Ghost Tour. This one-hour tour starts at the mine site, goes into the entrance room of the mine, and finishes with a trolley ride around Tombstone. We visit the most haunted spots in town, and I tell stories about paranormal activities and the ghosts that are often found here.

In case you want to know where I get the material I post here, I constantly read books, newspapers, and magazines to keep my knowledge of Tombstone sharp. One of my favorite sources is the online archive of the Tombstone Epitaph newspaper from the early 1880’s; you can’t get much better than newspapers printed while the events were unfolding. However, I have many credible sources for the information you find at this site.

I’ve opened comment spaces on all the articles and pages I have posted and encourage my blog visitors to engage in an online conversation with me. I also have a “Contact Me” page that visitors can use to send me a message or photo from their experiences in Tombstone. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have a comment or question.

I try to post something new every Thursday in addition to “Reports from the field” whenever I am able. I’m looking forward to meeting you in Tombstone or online. Welcome to my blog!

By George

I was born and raised in Missouri and have been an elementary school teacher, an EMT, an electronics technician, and a dean at a community college. I retired in July 2019, so I now have time to follow my dream and lead tours in Tombstone, Arizona. I work at the Goodenough Silver Mine and lead tours down into the mine, trolley tours around Tombstone, and ghost tours every weekend.

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