Temporarily Closed

The Goodenough Mine is temporarily closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Mine Tour, Trolley Tour, Goodenough Eats Food, Panning for Gold, and all other activities are suspended. We are sad about this turn of events, but it cannot be helped.

For what it’s worth, as of the time of this post, all bars and shows in Tombstone are also shut down and the restaurants are only open for carry-out. These are tough times for everyone, but we will bounce back better than ever.

Hopefully, this will be short-lived and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Take care of yourself.

–George Self

Goodenough Mine is Closed
Goodenough Mine is Closed

By George

I was born and raised in Missouri and have been an elementary school teacher, an EMT, an electronics technician, and a dean at a community college. I retired in July 2019, so I now have time to follow my dream and lead tours in Tombstone, Arizona. I work at the Goodenough Silver Mine and lead tours down into the mine, trolley tours around Tombstone, and ghost tours every weekend.

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