Tombstone Silver

Buford House

George Buford built a wonderful house for his family in 1887, but it is a haunted location today.


George Washington Buford and his wife Annie moved to Tombstone in 1880. While they lived here, they had five children but, unfortunately, three of the children died of disease. The Buford family left Tombstone in 1888 but the Buford house remains today. Because it is a large house it has been used as a boarding house, lodge, or bed-and-breakfast over the years, though it is a private residence today.

The Buford house was once featured on the History Channel as one of the most haunted locations in Tombstone and that is a well-deserved reputation. It isn't certain why this spot is so haunted, but maybe the spirits of the three Buford children who died here are still present. Maybe some geological feature connected to the silver mines in this area channels paranormal activity to this one spot. Whatever the reason, the Buford house seems to be more haunted than other locations around Tombstone.

One of the Ghost Tour drivers several years ago reported that his young daughter spent the night with a friend in the Buford house. She said that late that night she saw colored lights flashing across the walls of her room like an automobile was driving by on a street outside, but she was on the side of the house away from the street. She also reported feeling very calm and peaceful while in the presence of those lights, not frightened as someone may think.

Paranormal touches seem to be rather common around the Buford house. When it was a bed-and-breakfast, guests would often report feeling a cat rubbing against their legs at the breakfast table, but there would be nothing there. Guests would also report feeling something brush against their skin as they walked across the porch in front of the Buford house. In fact, some people who walk past the Buford house on the street feel something brush past them. The photos on this page are two of the many I have in my collection. The first are several orbs floating around the Buford house and the second shows the most commonly seen apparition in Tombstone, the Lady In White, on the front porch of the Buford house.

Not far from the Buford House is the location where George Daves took his own life in 1888, which I tell about during the Tombstone After Dark Tour. His spirit is restless and figures into one of my best ghost stories.


The Buford house is located at 113 E Safford St, Tombstone, AZ 85638. While it is no longer a bed-and-breakfast, guests may want to drive by and look at this haunted place; however, this is private property so please do not disturb the owners. The Tombstone After Dark Ghost Tour stops in front of the Buford house and I tell several interesting ghost stories about this location.