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Are the Ghost Photos Fake?

I'm frequently asked if the photographs I use are fake. This short article answers that question.


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Since October 2009, guests have sent me just over 450 photographs (as of October 2020) that all show some amount of paranormal activity. For example, the photo on the right shows several orbs at Boothill Graveyard. In my collection I have photos of orbs, plasmas, vortexes, and even apparitions. These photos were taken all over Tombstone, in every season, and every type of weather. There are so many of them that it is difficult to not imagine that there is something paranormal going on in Tombstone.

Of course, it is not possible for me to verify the veracity of any photographs sent to me by a stranger who visited Tombstone; however, I would point out the following.

There is no incentive for a guest to send me a fake photograph. I only use a few photographs on my tour and display a few more on this website so most of the photographs guests send me are stored in my archive and never see the light of day (so to speak). Moreover, I do not pay anyone for the photos they send. Thus, there is no fame, money, or other incentive to spend a lot of time "doctoring" a photograph just to send to me. In fact, occasionally a guest will send me a photograph with a circle or arrow highlighting some object and I always ask that they send me the original image without the highlight since that is what I prefer.

It would certainly be possible for a guest to create a fantastic photograph of the Angel of Death hovering above Tombstone (in fact, that would be pretty awesome!), but the photographs that I publicly display are similar to dozens that many different guests have sent over the years. For example, I have 47 different photographs sent by more than 15 different guests of orbs in Boothill Graveyard. While it is possible that some of those are faked it would not be reasonable to assume that all those guests somehow colluded to send me faked photographs of orbs. I do have a few "one-off" photographs that show some sort of paranormal activity around Tombstone, but I will not display those unless I receive other similar photographs from that location. By enforcing my own policy of only displaying photographs that are like others taken by different guests at different times I hope to avoid accidentally displaying a fake.

So, while I cannot definitively state that there are no faked photos on this site, I can say that I've taken as much care as possible to avoid posting fakes.