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Tombstone is an authentic 19th century mining boom town that is still going strong today. It is a popular tourist destination and features shopping, shows, museums, and other activities of interest to tourists. I lead four different tours for the Tombstone Consolidated Mining Company and this website is a repository of information related to those tours. Please click any of the images below to dig into this site and then come visit and explore Tombstone if you get a chance.

Goodenough Trolley
Historic Tour

A narrated trolley ride visiting important Tombstone landmarks, including more than 10 abandoned mines

Goodenough Silver Mine
Mine Tour

A guided tour through the Goodenough Silver Mine, including minieral deposits and stories describing primitive mining

Orbs in the Goodenough Mine
Ghost Tour

A ghost tour that starts in the Goodenough Silver Mine and finishes with a trolley ride to the City Cemetery

Tombstone City Cemetery

A daytime trolley tour going to the most haunted locations in Tombstone, perfect for planning later explorations

Spooky Me!
Ghost Stories

Old-fashioned ghost stories, in both written and oral form 

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